Today’s Education system and our socitey

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HELLO friends today i started to writing a blog on a subject related to our education system and default within that can affect the future of students and some times spoils the bright future of a brilliant students due to faulty system and unwanted educational syllabus that don’t improve the skills of students.started from base we must have required a system in which students doesn’t feel that education is boring for themselves.some improvements must be required that directly affect the capability and skill of that students from school level that must be required to improve their knowledge level and IQ level within better general knowledge and without dominating importance in their own mind set.just like in junior kg level students doesn’t required any books or bags .they will also required to came in school within a fresh mind to learning a simple fundamentals of education .they will also have a better mind power to improve their basic knowledge .they have better grasping capability for their acceptance of anything that they see from their outwards. in today’s education system we will required to be developed a systematic method to teach children ans also elder students about their knowledge of area not only that from prepared finally we wants to try our best to  change the things that can improve our education system and also provide better knowledge to develop the skill that give the better service in market ans also its better sign for better future of next generation .

thank you. inspiration 2016


My childhood……


Hi friends
Today when i look backward my childhood i feel that i got whatever i wish but within a limit and time.there was always some regulations in my home for children that whatever’s to be needed at a time and aren’t those required or not ? It was always herat me sometimes in my life .but i don’t care about that thing.also i got more than that i mother always teaching me about how to earn and spent money and its important in my life .she don’t argued within me more in these topic.she always give me whatever i desire and made me feel happy and i law always try for that she will always happy in her life .god gives everything in her life whatever she desire and also completed her dream that she forgotten against my childhood and towards my education. thank u maa.i love u a lot always Maa..

“Tu kitni acchi hai,tu kitni bholi hai,
Pyari pyari hai o maa , o maa ”

For every mother of the world ..jsk


About my inspiration and my vision

Hello friends ….

Today i started my new hobby to write about something like social activity and my vision for better education.

I will try for that in my society and also in my state and then in my country no one child drop school education because of money and other reason .i will try my best to provide needs for better education.and also give  proper information about the career and how to be a better human.

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